Demo Panorama: panorama1.jpg, panorama2.jpg, panorama3.jpg (HQ) & panorama4.jpg (HQ).
1 & 2 = iPhone + Photosynth, 3 & 4 = Canon 5D fisheye + Garmin GPS.
UTM:  Show 360°
UTM:  Show 360°
Object Data
UTM: N    Name:          
Collected objects
Open two 360° panoramas (vertical edge must be oriented to the North).
Fill in their position if coordinates are missing in EXIF.
Mark the same location in both panoramas by clicking on it.
Name the location and click "Collect"

Open new panoramas as you like. Panoramas must be in the same folder as the html document. The text in the collected list should then be copied and saved to a csv file.
Panoramic Geodata eXtractor is created by Klas Karlsson 2015 © CC-BY Version 0.7
Based on: LeafletJS, ExifJS, Proj4JS and Pannellum
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